"Max fountain Solution" Products Series

Adding only about 1% to the fountain solution changes the printing.

"Max solution" is a fountain solution developed to improve printing quality and ensure stable printing over long runs.

Dampening System Description

Problems that occur during printing vary widely depending on the environment of the site, and operators have a variety of problems. In particular, many problems are caused by fountain solution, and we have been helping to solve these problems for many years.

With this know-how, we have continued to develop the product as a manufacturer of fountain solution (etchant) for offset printing for half a century.

Our study for quality improvement is applied to products that are easy to use in the field and friendly to people and the environment.
"Max Liquid" is already trusted by many operators for its high quality and ease of use.

We hope to continue to support the printing field.

”Max Liquid” Series Product Information



No fluff dampening roller cover

"LACSUI" with no fluff

Lacsui dampeninig roller cover

Roller cover that does not generate fluff.

As a fluff-free molleton, it is trusted by operators for its high quality.

The moleton has excellent water retention stability and a high-gauge woven mesh for a flat surface that supports high printing quality.
This molleton is made in Japan using only the highest quality materials.

In addition to offset printing, it can also be used for PS plate reproduction equipment, as well as for cleaning the substrates of precision electronic components, and has a wide variety of other applications.

No fulff molleton's details


Environmental Improvement Initiatives

Operator hygiene has improved considerably at printing sites in recent years.

Max Liquid has been improved over time, and the entire series is now a non-polluting product.
We have evolved our products into high-performance products that are kinder to people, safer, and easier to use.
Please try our Fountain solution Max Liquid series, which has an established reputation for stability and quality in printing.

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